Trajan Color

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Adobe's first color font, making use of OpenType-SVG technology

Trajan Color is a concept color font designed and developed with Adobe Type in order to test and showcase the possibilities of the Opentype-SVG format.
Trajan Color is based on Carol Twombly's Trajan (a revered/hated design), yet it stands on its own as Adobe's first color font, embedded with different colors and textures, like metals, wood and marble. Both contrasting and soft colors effects are also available.
However, color usage does not mean to disregard the classic design and as such, two styles were designed; an inline and a flat with highly refined serifs.
Trajan Color is available for sync and is integrated in Adobe Photoshop CC. You can also try it here.
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Trajan Color gold, silver and copper styles
Metallic styles • Gold, Silver & Copper
Classical styles • Terra Rosa, Steel Blue & Ochre
Vibrant styles • Red, Green & Blue
Contrasting style
Pastel styles • Salmon, Turquoise & Taupe
Texture styles • Marble & Wood
Inline style • full glyph set
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